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Totwoo love bloom

Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

In this age of smart devices, along with smartwatches and smart clothes, jewelries are becoming smart as well. The small decorative items that once...
StitchKit by MakeFashion

The DIY StitchKit by MakeFashion Lets You Merge Fashion With Technology

It seems like the DIY tech scene hasn’t fizzled out, but in fact it is gaining momentum. StitchKit is one of the leaders in...
Hugo boss touch

Hugo Boss Discontinues its First Smartwatch The Boss Touch After Less Than A Year

Hugo Boss has discontinued its first smartwatch the Boss Touch on watchshop.com. While the watch is still available on the company’s website, Movado Group,...
Smart fabrics making smart clothes

Are Smart Fabrics the Future of Fashion?

High quality fabrics that last a long time are hard to find these day. Many garments only last a few washes. Whether for performance...
Most beautiful Tech

Fashion teaches form factor

As wearable technologies are conquering the hearts of the early adaptors, the business management and marketeers of large players such as Fitbit, Intel, Flextronics...