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PNS gets FDA clearance

FDA Clears SPR Therapeutics’ Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Systems for Pain Management

SPR Therapeutics, Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio-based developer of neurostimulation technology for pain, announced that it has received FDA clearance for its SPRINT endura (single lead) and extensa (dual lead) Peripheral […]
Medtronic implantable system for remodulin

Medtronic’s Implantable System for Remodulin to Treat Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Gets FDA...

Medtronic has received FDA approval for its Implantable System for Remodulin (ISR) as a new treatment option for people with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The system consists of Medtronic’s Synchromed […]
Lifesignals ecg

LifeSignals Gets FDA Clearance For Its Wireless LP1100 Life Signal Patch

LifeSignals, a company that provides solutions for businesses improving health and wellbeing, announced that it received FDA clearance for its wireless LP1100 Life Signal Patch for enabling the next generation […]
Medtronic guardian connect gets FDA approval

Medtronic’s Smartphone-Connected CGM System Gets FDA Approval

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect, a smartphone-connected continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) for people with diabetes, has received FDA approval. This is the first standalone CGM system to help diabetics keep ahead […]