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Ava babies

Ava Announces More Than 1,000 Babies Born to Users of Its Fertility Tracking Bracelet

Ava, a med tech company that produces fertility tracking wearable devices, has announced that 1,000 of its customers around the world have successfully given birth after using the company’s popular cycle tracking Ava bracelet to help them conceive. Since its official launch in July 2016, the company has reported more than 10,000 pregnancies among its […]
Female health tech

Rising Popularity of Female Health Tech Will Take A Big Bite Out of Wearables...

When it comes to women’s health tech, we haven’t seen any major breakthrough except a few female health trackers and smart bras. Still, we should feel excited about what’s happening in the space, because players are finally getting involved in women’s health tech and women’s health startups are currently on the scene. “This is an […]
Fitbit shipped million versa watches

Fitbit Has Shipped Over A Million Versa Smartwatches Since April

According to the initial sales figures for Fitbit’s second smartwatch, the company has shipped over a million Fitbit Versa watches since it went on sale in mid-April. This report adds to the encouraging indications by CEO James Park that the Versa watches had the best first-week sell-through of any wearable in the history of the […]
Silicon Valley fertility testing

Silicon Valley Takes on Challenges of Fertility with Simple, Affordable Testing Solutions

A Silicon Valley startup called Modern Fertility has started selling a $199 at-home testing kit for fertility which provides all of the conveniences offered by other fertility testing. Women interested in testing their fertility can order the kit online, draw a finger-prick blood and mail it back to a lab where it is analyzed for […]