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First responder wearables

How Wearables and IoT Can Help First Responders During an Emergency

Sensors are making practical uses of IoT a reality. Smart sensors are already telling doctors about a patient’s health condition or informing an athlete...
VitalTag Wearable

VitalTag Wearable Health Monitor Wirelessly Sends Patient’s Vital Signs Data

A first responder’s job is strenuous enough, but when mass casualty incidents such as shootings, multiple car pili ups and earthquakes occur, first responders...
Samsung CAD solution

Samsung Delivers First Computer Aided Dispatch Solution with Galaxy Smartwatches

Samsung Electronics America partnered up with the leading public safety solution providers Northrop Grumman, CentralSquare Technologies, Caliber Public Safety and Tyler Technologies, to extend...
Walmart blockchain

Walmart Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Medical Records System

U.S. retail giant Walmart announced that it has been awarded patent for a system that will store customers’ vital health information on a healthcare...
CommandWear wearable technology

CommandWear Wearable Technology Helps Save Lives While Also Keeping First Responders Safe

CommandWear, a Vancouver-based company develops mobile apps and software for wearable technology to keep first responders safer on the job. The company’s web, wearable...