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Health wearables

Do We Really Need More Fitbits, Apple Watches and Other Health Wearables?

Currently, there are about 325,000 mobile health applications, according to recent mHealth Economics report and more than 300-million wearable devices sold according to Gartner. However, a significant percentage of this […]
Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring: A Stylish Fitness Tracker with New Security Updates

Finding the right fitness tracker might be tricky. It all boils down to how much you expect from your fitness tracker. If you’re a less is more type of guy, […]
zOrigin chip

zGlue’s zOrigin Wearable Kit Lets You Design Your Own Wearable Device

In the near future, people will create their own wearables. That’s what zGlue, a Mountain View, CA-based startup believes. So, they created zOrigin – a chipset that allows you to […]
Tended protect personal safety

Tended Protect: World’s First Intelligent Wearable Personal Safety Device

Lincolnshire, England-based startup Tended has opened up pre-orders for its first product, the Tended Protect, the world’s first intelligent personal safety device. It combines a smartphone-connected wrist wearable with advanced […]
Hearables trend

From Your Wrist to Your Ears – Hearables Could Be the Next Big Trend...

Wearables aren’t just something that you wear around your wrist anymore, there’s new trend of wearable devices that are meant for your ears – better known as hearables. Combining conventional […]
Jawbone new wearable

Wearables Pioneer Jawbone Becomes Jawbone Health with New Wearable to Help You Detect Health...

Wearables pioneer Jawbone is back with a new mission to help you detect health problems early. The company has morphed into Jawbone Health, a medical subscription service that aims to […]