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zOrigin chip

zGlue’s zOrigin Wearable Kit Lets You Design Your Own Wearable Device

In the near future, people will create their own wearables. That’s what zGlue, a Mountain View, CA-based startup believes. So, they created zOrigin – a chipset that allows you to create your own wearable device. The zOrigin aims at become a reference design and a way for anyone building a wearable device to have a […]
Tended protect personal safety

Tended Protect: World’s First Intelligent Wearable Personal Safety Device

Lincolnshire, England-based startup Tended has opened up pre-orders for its first product, the Tended Protect, the world’s first intelligent personal safety device. It combines a smartphone-connected wrist wearable with advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to analyze trends in a user’s movements and detects any abnormalities that would indicate a potential accident. This machine learning […]
Hearables trend

From Your Wrist to Your Ears – Hearables Could Be the Next Big Trend...

Wearables aren’t just something that you wear around your wrist anymore, there’s new trend of wearable devices that are meant for your ears – better known as hearables. Combining conventional hearing aid technology with the consumer audio products, it seems the hearables are about to take a big step forward. Read more Audio Augmented Reality […]
Jawbone new wearable

Wearables Pioneer Jawbone Becomes Jawbone Health with New Wearable to Help You Detect Health...

Wearables pioneer Jawbone is back with a new mission to help you detect health problems early. The company has morphed into Jawbone Health, a medical subscription service that aims to help you detect health problems early so that you can take proper action early on. Formed as Aliph in 1999 by Alexander Asseily and Hosain […]
Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Hits Stores with a Larger Display and Touchscreen

Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker Charge 3 has finally arrived, and with a $149 price tag it promises to be the company’s best all-around general fitness tracker. The new Charge 3 keeps to a thinner, vertical-screened look unlike the watches with large screens. The comfortable rubber band comes in two sizes. Additionally, it has a woven […]
Designing wearable sensors

Designing Wearable Sensors That Are Suitable for Both Users and the FDA

Wearable technology growing rapidly with consumers grabbing these devices to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, activity and sleep. But, why does seem like most of these devices aren’t designed properly? Well, it’s the sensors, the heart of wearable of devices, and if the sensors aren’t designed right, your smartwatch won’t give you precise information. […]