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Leg Motion-Based Calorie Burn Measurement

New Leg Motion-Based Calorie Burn Measurement Gives Accurate Results

Engineers from Stanford University have developed a new calorie burn measurement system that is small, inexpensive and accurate. Also, people can make it themselves....
Imperial College London Future of Wearable Technologies

Imperial College London Explores The Future of Wearable Technologies

In a paper published in June 2021, researchers at the Imperial College London have explored the future of wearable technologies. The wearable technology industry...
Rockley Photonics Spectrophotometer Health Monitoring

Rockley Photonics Unveils Full-Stack Spectrophotometer-Based Sensor Solution for Health Monitoring

Rockley Photonics, a leading global silicon photonics technology company, today revealed its complete full-stack “clinic-on-the-wrist” digital health sensor system. Many wearables use green LEDs to...
Fitbit Smart ring patent

Fitbit Patent Suggests Smart Ring With Clinical-Grade SpO2 and Blood Pressure Tracking

Google might one day take on Oura and deliver a fitness ring to consumers. According to Wareable, Fitbit has officially applied for a patent...
Samsung Flexible OLED display practical applications

What Are The Practical Applications For Samsung’s New Flexible OLED Display

The new flexible OLED display developed by Samsung could be invaluable to future wearable devices. What are the challenges faced by wearable devices, and...
Designing Flexible and Rigid Medical Wearables

Designing Flexible and Rigid Medical Wearables To Withstand Everyday Wear-and-Tear

Wearable technology is helping consumers take control of their health and wellbeing. Wearable devices can be worn internally as implantable devices such as pacemakers...