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Yoga wearables

These Wearables Will Make Your Yoga Practice More Easier and Fun

Wearables, especially with integrated artificial intelligence, is changing the lives of many. Majority of Americans believe technology is vital for managing their health, according to a survey by Accenture. When it comes to yoga, wearable technology is making it easier for the novice to practice this discipline. There are several companies that offer wearables such […]
PlatoWork brain stimulator

PlatoWork Brain Stimulator: Smart Headset for Boosting Cognition

We all go through days when our brains simply refuse to collaborate. If guzzling down coffee doesn’t help, you might want to try PlatoWork headset. It’s a brain stimulator that is designed to boost your cognition, improve memory, focus and creativity. Related Brain Advantage, The Wearable Device That May Improve Brain Performance Just put on […]
Revibe Connect wearable

Revibe is a Fitbit-Like Wearable that Vibrates to Refocus Wearers’ Attention

Many students, especially younger ones, struggle to stay focused in the classroom. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. Lack of focus in the classroom means the student will have a hard time learning new things and at the same time it puts pressure on the teacher as […]
Panasonic Wear Space

Wear Space – A Wearable Concentration Device that Helps You Focus by Providing a...

Wear Space is a wearable concentration device developed by Panasonic‘s Future Life Factory. The device helps you focus by limiting your senses of sight and hearing, via noise-canceling technology and a partition that controls your field of view. Read more Wearable Devices and Mobile Apps Exploring Users’ States of Mind to Tackle Anxiety and Depression […]