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Saliva glucose biosensor

Revolutionary Diabetes Management – Biosensor Accurately Measures Glucose in Saliva

The iQ Group Global, an Australian consortium of life science and financial services companies, developed a biosensor capable of accurately measuring glucose in a person’s saliva. This groundbreaking technology is the world’s first non-invasive, saliva-based glucose test for diabetes management that measures glucose in saliva rather than blood. The saliva-based glucose test is being developed […]
Cellnovo mobile app

Cellnovo Launches New Mobile App that Connects Directly to CGM Data via HealthKit

Cellnovo Group, a French MedTech company announced the launch of the Cellnovo Monitoring App, which enables direct access continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data via the HealthKit in real time. The mobile application, available on App stores worldwide, provides real-time diabetes management data from the Cellnovo Gen 3 System, including blood glucose readings, insulin intake, activity […]
BMCC study wearable

BMCC Professor Finds Problematic Assumptions About Gender Within the Field of Tech Development

As wearable technology is becoming part of our everyday activity, it’s also making an impact on our daily lives. Moving beyond heartbeat and step counts, the latest fitness trackers and smartwatches can now measure your blood pressure and monitor glucose. But, can developers avoid repeating mistakes that plague the ubiquitous wearable tech as they move […]
Amazon medical devices

Arcadia’s Choice Brand Consumer-Use Medical Devices Sold Exclusively on Amazon

Arcadia Group, a health brand consultancy, has teamed up with Amazon to sell a new brand of consumer-focused medical devices called Choice brand, which includes app-connected blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, exclusively on Amazon’s marketplace. The apps can track a patient’s health data and measurements. Read more North Raises $130 M to Launch its […]
NovioSense glucose sensor

NovioSense Announces Phase 2 Positive Clinical Trial Results of Tear Glucose Measurement Technology

NovioSense B.V., a Netherlands-based company that develops wireless technology platform for non-invasive monitoring of disease biomarkers, has demonstrated the measurement of tear glucose in diabetic patients and a close correlation to blood glucose with clinically relevant accuracy in a six-patient clinical trial, A second, 24-patient study, to validate the use of the new glucose sensor […]
Diabetes wearables

The Diabetes Epidemic is Driving Med Tech Companies to Develop Wearable Devices to Manage...

Sedentary lifestyle and obesity are triggering a rise in the number of diabetes cases. The complex process of diabetes management often requires a multidisciplinary approach to help control blood glucose level. While lifestyle modifications and controlling blood glucose may be helpful, it can also be overwhelming. The diabetes epidemic on the other hand, is creating […]