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Contact lens monitor glucose

Soft Contact Lens Can Monitor Glucose, Medical Conditions and Deliver Drugs

Researchers at Purdue University have developed soft contact lenses that not only works as a contact lens but also can monitor glucose and medical...
Eversense fda approval

Senseonics Gets FDA Approval for Long-Term Implantable CGM Eversense

A device that can open a new chapter in diabetes technology has been approved by the FDA. Last week, the FDA cleared way for...
Medtronic guardian connect gets FDA approval

Medtronic’s Smartphone-Connected CGM System Gets FDA Approval

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect, a smartphone-connected continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) for people with diabetes, has received FDA approval. This is the first standalone CGM...
Cms medicare to cover apps used for cgm

CMS: Medicare Will Cover Smartphone Apps Used in Conjunction With Approved CGM

Medicare will soon cover smartphone apps used with approved continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) for diabetics, according to a statement released by the Centers for...
Continuous Glucose Monitoring

LifePlus Announces First Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring Wearable

Startup LifePlus has announced a new wearable dubbed “LifeLeaf,” which it claims is the world’s first non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) wearable device. On...