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Hapbee Offering Three Holiday-Themed Blends

Hapbee Offering Three Holiday-Themed Blends For Hapbee Subscribers With Wearables

Hapbee Technologies, the smart wearable, wellness technology company today announced three special holiday-themed blends that can be enjoyed through the Hapbee smart wearable device...
Hapbee boost signal for energy boost

Hapbee Launches New “Boost” Signal To Provide Users With Caffeine-Free Energy Boost

Hapbee, the leading wearable, wellness technology company and creator of the Hapbee headband, has announced the launch of their eighth and latest signal, "Boost,"...
Hapbee wearable

This Wearable Empowers Its Users to Reach Their Desired Feelings on Command

Hapbee ("Happy") is an augmentative wearable device that stimulates the feelings a person desires while having the ability to return to their normal baseline...