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EPFL artificial skin

Artificial Skin Could Enhance Sense of Touch and Provide Real-Time Haptic Feedback

Scientists at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have created a soft artificial skin that can sense touch while providing real-time haptic feedback. Because of its sophisticated self-sensing mechanism, the new skin has the potential to instantaneously adapt to a wearer’s movements. Scientists believe the new technology can be applied to numerous […]
Microsoft patent Parkinson’s wearable

Microsoft Patent Shows Wearable with Haptic Feedback Targeted at People with Parkinson’s

A patent application filed by Microsoft has shown the company has looked into the possibility of wearable technology being used to help manage the symptoms of involuntary movements commonly suffered by people with Parkinson’s or a host of other disorders, reports Digital Trends. The wearable band would wrap around limbs or joints and use haptic […]
ProGlove Raises $40M Capital

ProGlove Gets $40M Investment from Summit Partners to Deliver Industrial Wearables Globally

Industrial wearables provider ProGlove raised $40 million investment from global growth equity firm Summit Partners. The company plans to leverage this funding to expand its international footprint and support its mission to connect the human workforce with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). In April, WT | Wearable Technologies reported on ProGlove’s state-of-the-art handsfree barcode […]
Teslasuit VR

Teslasuit Full Body Haptic VR Suit Goes Beyond Gaming to Take Virtual Reality to...

Teslasuit (no relation to Tesla Motors) provides a unique opportunity to enhance the VR/AR/MR experiences. It’s intelligent and cutting-edge solutions help to improve your business and add competitive advantages to your products and services. Related Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator Blasts Past Funding Goal On Kickstarter Developed by UK-based Tesla Studios, Teslasuit is the […]