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Cervella cranial electrotherapy stimulator

Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator Is A Non-Drug Alternative For Treating Anxiety, Depression, And Insomnia

Insomnia and depression often go hand-in-hand. Although just 15 percent of people with depression sleep too much, as many as 80 percent have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. There are treatments available for anxiety, depression and insomnia, but many antidepressant drugs have serious side-effects. Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator (CES) is a non-drug alternative for […]
Bragi sells earbuds business

Bragi Sells Off Wearables Business as It Focuses on Software

Bragi, a company known for making some of the first Bluetooth headphones, has left the wearables market. The German company said it has sold its hardware business to a third-party buyer and that while it will continue to license its IP and artificial intelligence (AI), it will no longer be making new devices, reports Wareable. […]
Awesome gaming wearables

5 Awesome Gaming Wearables to Keep Gamers on the Edge of Their Seats

The wearable industry is dominated by fitness trackers, smartwatches and smartclothes, but there’s also a strong demand for gaming wearables. Handful of companies with headphones and AR/VR headsets doesn’t come close to the demand for Fitbits and Smartwatches. Despite a huge growth in the gaming industry, wearables tailored especially for gamers are still relatively hard […]
Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset with Haptics Feedback Will Let You Feel the Groove

Razer, the global gaming hardware manufacturing company, has announced its new headset the Razer Nari Ultimate, a wireless gaming headset that’s packed with haptic drivers that vibrate along with loud sounds in an attempt to create a more immersive gaming experience. Related Dirac Research Enters the Gaming Headset Market With Its Breakthrough 3D Audio Surround […]
Sennheiser momentum

Sennheiser Introduces Momentum, Its First Truly Wireless Earbuds With a High Price Tag

Sennheiser entered the wireless earbud market with its first truly earbud called MOMENTUM. These Bluetooth earbuds are also touch sensitive so you easily access Google Assistant or Siri just with a tap. The Good The new MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless earbuds combine sleek design, flawless sound and take-anywhere mobility. The earbuds are made of luxurious, high-quality […]
Earin wireless earbuds

Earin Finally Releases its Second-Generation Wireless Earbuds with Google Assistant

Earin, the company which was one of the first startups to ship wireless earbuds back in 2015, is back with its second-gen wireless earbuds called M2. One of the new features in M2 is the Google Assistant built in, which gets activated with a long press on either earbud. Related LG’s New Wireless Tone Series […]