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LG Meridian Bluetooth Headsets

LG Unveils Three Meridian Backed Bluetooth 5.0 Headsets

Consumer electronics giant LG has launched three new Bluetooth 5.0 headsets with stunning sound performance delivered by built-in Meridian Audio technology. The headsets are available for purchase via LG’s website. Prices and availability will vary by provider and retailer. Read more Dirac Research Enters the Gaming Headset Market With Its Breakthrough 3D Audio Surround Sound […]
BlueParrot C300-XT

BlueParrot Introduces Noise Cancelling Headsets to Improve Worker Efficiency in Noisy Environment

BlueParrot, Lowell, Massachusetts-based wireless headset maker, announced noise cancelling headsets for workers at noisy work places. The new C300-XT is compact, hands-free and allows push-to-talk commands directly from the headset with a supported mobile app. Related Spot-r Clip: Revolutionary Wearable Device to Ensure Workers’ Safety The C300-XT also features VoiceControl, allowing workers to talk safely […]
MovieMask portable cinema

MovieMask Portable Cinema Lets You Enjoy Movies Anytime, Anywhere

MovieMask, developed by a Norwegian startup, is a wearable headset that lets you enjoy movies anytime and anywhere. The company does not want to call it a Virtual Reality headset but instead describes it as a portable cinema. Why MovieMask? There is something unique about the experience you get from the MovieMask and its awesome […]
Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset with Haptics Feedback Will Let You Feel the Groove

Razer, the global gaming hardware manufacturing company, has announced its new headset the Razer Nari Ultimate, a wireless gaming headset that’s packed with haptic drivers that vibrate along with loud sounds in an attempt to create a more immersive gaming experience. Related Dirac Research Enters the Gaming Headset Market With Its Breakthrough 3D Audio Surround […]

EyeControl – A Wearable Device that Gives Patients with Locked-In Syndrome the Ability to...

EyeControl is simply a wearable personal communication device that gives voice to the patients with locked-in syndrome. Israeli healthtech company EyeFree Assisting Technology created the device, which consists of a head-mounted infrared camera that tracks the wearer’s eye movements and translates it into audio communication via a speaker. Read more AT&T Pairs Up with Aira […]
Acer detachable headset

Acer Introduces OJO 500 Detachable Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Acer, the Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation, has announced its new Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset, the Acer OJO 500 at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. The headset’s one-of-a-kind detachable design offers superb comfort, flexibility and hygiene for the users. “The Acer OJO 500 brings several significant new features to this class of Windows […]