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Apple Aetna Attain app

Apple Partners with Aetna on a New App to Track and Reward Healthy Living

Apple and insurance giant Aetna have partnered up on an iPhone and Apple Watch app that rewards users for healthy behavior. Dubbed Attain, the app, combines a person’s health history with their Apple Watch activity to create personalized goals. Read more Medical Professionals Shouldn’t Dismiss Apple Watch’s New ECG App, Here’s Why The app monitors […]
Insurance firms wearables

Why Insurance Firms Increasingly Embracing Wearable Devices and Fitness Trackers

Insurance firms are exploring use of wearable devices and fitness trackers to get a closer look at the day-to-day habits of individuals. The growing popularity of smartwatches increased the sources of fitness data, the treasure trove of information that goes into calculations of how much to charge for insurance policies, and what incentives to offer […]
Wearables AI cut healthcare cost

How Wearable Device Data and AI Can Lower Healthcare Costs Manage Paperwork Effectively

As an average American, your health insurance payments change once a year. But the process could be made far more fluid with utilizing wearables such as Fitbit that regularly measure your health data. Your health metrics could be used to change your insurance rate as often as once a day. The powerful sensors in these […]