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FHE market

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Market to Reach Almost $200 Million by 2024

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) is an innovative technology that combines performance of semiconductor devices with the flexibility and low cost of printed plastic film substrates. FHE allows manufacturers to develop […]
Octopus-Inspired Biosensor

Scientists Take Inspiration from Octopus to Create Wearable Biosensor that Sticks to Wet and...

Scientists often take inspiration from nature when developing new materials. For example, octopus and mollusks can be excellent specimens of adhesive technology because their technique beats human scientists. Now, a […]
Sorrel drug delivery

Sorrel Medical Providing Simple and Easy Solution to Drug Delivery

Netanya, Israel-based medical device company Sorrel Medical develops and manufactures pre-filled wearable injectors for the easy and efficient self-administration of large volume and high viscosity medications. Related How Microneedle Systems […]
Sensors Measure Biochemical Compounds

Swedish Scientists Develop Multi-Purpose Sensors for Measuring Biochemical Compounds in Blood and Sweat

Traditional wearable devices can monitor step count, heart rate, blood pressure and even blood glucose. However, these devices have limited functionality and have issues around accuracy, calibration and reliability. A […]
Jawbone Health Hub

Jawbone Resurges after Raising $65 Million for Wearable Health Service

Jawbone shuttered in 2017 after raising more than $900 million in venture capital funding. Now, two years later, the company’s founder and then CEO Hosain Rahman has raised $65.4 million […]
Apple Verily contributing in healthcare

Apple and Alphabet Both Want to Revolutionize Healthcare But in Different Ways

Making inroads in the $3.2 trillion healthcare industry is intimidating, complex, and expensive. Now, Apple and Alphabet, two of the world’s largest technology companies, are taking different approaches in their […]