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Stretchable sensors

Stretchable Sensors Will Change the Way Sensors Are Integrated Into Wearables

We humans aren’t rigid like electronic circuitry, therefore manufacturers need to make a sea of change in order to produce wearables that fit us perfectly. Among the several stretchable solutions at work, here some of the most innovative and exciting projects to look out for. Polyera Wove Band, launched in 2015, is a wrist-worn wearable […]
Max ecg monitor

Maxim Integrated Launches ECG Development Platform Based on Movesense

Maxim integrated, a company that manufactures, and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, has launched MAX-ECG-MONITOR, a wearable ECG and heart monitor evaluation and development platform based on Movesense. The Movesense sensor featuring the MAX30003, ultra-low-power, clinical-grade analog front end (AFE) by Maxim Integrated, accurately monitors ECG and heart-rate signals and analyzes data to provide […]
Neopenda wearable newborn monitor

Health Tech Startup Neopenda Unveils Wearable Vital Signs Monitor For Newborns

Neopenda, a Chicago-based health tech startup has recently unveiled its first product, a wearable device that monitors vital signs of newborns. Almost 3 million babies die within the first month of their birth, according to the company. Vast majority of these deaths (98 percent) occur in developing countries, and in many cases these tragedies could […]

Smart Pills Will Change the Way We Take Medications

Drugs have long been used to enhance our health and extend lives. However, in many instances, it is very difficult to administer drugs to the part of the body where it is needed. For example, it is very hard to administer chemotherapy drugs to the patients with pancreatic cancer, because the pancreas is located deep […]
Female health tech

Rising Popularity of Female Health Tech Will Take A Big Bite Out of Wearables...

When it comes to women’s health tech, we haven’t seen any major breakthrough except a few female health trackers and smart bras. Still, we should feel excited about what’s happening in the space, because players are finally getting involved in women’s health tech and women’s health startups are currently on the scene. “This is an […]
Smart products making a revolution

How Smart Products Are Making A Revolution in Healthcare

A few years ago, wearable technology meant something that you wear on your wrists such as a fitness tracker monitoring your heart and tracking your steps, but now the technology has gone far beyond that and we’re seeing smart clothes and smart shoes with embedded sensors, to electrodes implanted in the brain. The wearables industry, […]