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Total Brain AMA

Total Brain Joins AMA to Study Uses of Heart Rate Variability Data to Reduce...

Neuroscience-based mental health and fitness platform Total Brain is collaborating with the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation’s (the Center) Innovators Network to find innovative and scalable solutions across the healthcare market. Read more USA Cycling Tackles Neuroscience by Partnering with Halo “We are thrilled to join the American Heart Association’s Innovators […]
Wearable metabolic syndrome

Wearable Devices Along with Good Patient Adherence Can Efficiently Treat Metabolic Syndrome

A clinical trial on Korean adults have found that wearable devices along with good patient adherence and sustained engagement may be an efficient strategy for treating patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS). Read more Study: Weight loss wearables most effective alongside intradisciplinary approach Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions – hypertension, insulin resistance (high blood […]
Health coaches increase wearables value

Healthcare Coaches May Increase the Value of Wearables, Says HIMSS Report

When consumer wearables first hit the market, many hospitals and health systems resisted the technology and thought patient-generated health data (PGHD) generated by these devices might not be as reliable. Read more Healthcare Wearables are Becoming Important for Staying Alive But with the advancement of data analytics tools, healthcare providers now understand the benefits PGHD […]
PWV measure blood pressure

University of Arizona Researchers Develop Inexpensive Blood Pressure Monitoring System Using Pulse Wave Velocity

About 75 million American adults (32 percent) have high blood pressure. Among these individuals, only half have their blood pressure under control. Therefore, an easy and cost-effective method to monitor blood pressure would be a significant step ahead to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Researchers at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart […]
Blood pressure monitor patch

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Monitors Blood Pressure in Deep Arteries

When measuring blood pressure, doctors normally use a blood pressure cuff. However, if you want to measure blood pressure inside someone’s heart or lungs, the process becomes more complicated. In that case, the doctor will use a process called catheterization, where a tiny probe is threaded through a blood vessel in the arm, groin or […]
Livongo blood pressure monitor

Livongo Announces First Blood Pressure Monitor with Cellular Connectivity in U.S.

Livongo Health, a Silicon Valley digital health company focused on empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, announced the first cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring system in the U.S., along with a smartphone app and accompanying online platform for managing and sharing the readings. Using cellular connectivity, users can easily check and […]