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EchoNous bladder

EchoNous Releases AI Powered Electronic Bladder Scanning Tool

For nurses, scanning the bladder with conventional method of ultrasound is time consuming and achieving accurate results may be tiresome. Redmond, WA-based MedTech company EchoNous has now released a reliable, non-mechanical, bladder scanner that lets nurses measure bladder volume faster and with accurate results. Read more Borns, AI-Powered Minimally Invasive Surgery Has Huge Prospects in […]
Starkey AI hearing aid

Starkey AI Hearing Aid with Heart Rate Sensor and Real-Time Translation at the CES...

Starkey Hearing Technologies unveiled Livio AI, an Artificial Intelligence-powered hearing aid that automatically translates foreign languages, and tracks both your physical and mental health at the CES 2019. “We are particularly pleased this year to receive CES Innovation Award for accessibility, Dave Favry, Chief innovation officer at Starkey told MedGadget’s Michael Ostrovsky. “We work with […]
SKIINCore heated base layer

Discreet, Wire-free and App-Controlled Heated Base Layer Promises to Keep You Warm and Stylish...

You can’t stand the cold but also hate bundling up. So, what can you do to stay warm this winter? Not to worry, SKIINCore is here. Designed by a team of engineers in Canada, this “smart” clothing can be controlled using a smartphone. Related KJUS Develops World’s First Sweatless Ski Jacket with HYDRO_BOT Technology SKIINCore […]
Cambridge consultants verum

Cambridge Consultants Develops Verum – an AI-Powered Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Global product development and technology consultancy firm Cambridge Consultants has developed an innovative digital health platform that will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. Dubbed ‘Verum,’ the remote patient monitoring platform provides machine learning-driven predictions around conditions or disease states. Initial test application of Verum focuses on clinical trials, where it can identify and mitigate […]
SRI CarePredict AI

AI-Powered Digital Health Company CarePredict Inks Multi-Year Agreement with SRI Management

CarePredict, an Artificial Intelligence-driven digital health company that’s focused on developing technologies to provide high-quality senior care, announced that SRI Management, a leading senior living company, is installing the CarePredict AI platform at their Superior Residences of Cala Hills assisted living community in Ocala, Florida. This assisted living community will be the first SRI assisted […]
AI cancer detect

AI Tool Accurately Detects Cancer Type and Genetic Changes in Patient’s Tumor

In a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists at the NYU School of Medicine trained a Google deep learning algorithm called Inception v3 to distinguish between two of the most common types of lung cancers, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, with 97% accuracy. Read more Netherlands-Based Haga Teaching Hospital Partners with physIQ […]