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Foci helps stay focused

Foci Wearable Boosts Your Focus Through The Power of Machine Learning

Foci, a wearable device when clipped to your waist, tracks each breath you take, and then utilizes motion sensors and machine learning to analyze what your breathing patterns say about your mental state. On a corresponding mobile app, colored bubbles indicate whether you’re distracted, focused, stressed, or in a state of peak performance, and then […]
Machine learning improving exosuit performance

Using Machine Learning Algorithm to Personalize Wearables

Assistive devices like exosuits are being manufactured by various developers including the Harvard Biodesign Lab. In order to make these soft, assistive devices work properly, the wearer and the robot need to be in sync. However, since every human moves in a different style, tailoring a robot to fit the need of an individual user […]
artificial intelligence healthcare

Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have taken the healthcare industry by storm. They aren’t just illusional tech any more, they are practical tools that can help organizations improve their service, optimize the standard of care, reduce risk, and generate more revenue. Nearly all the big companies in the healthcare arena have embraced the technology. […]
smartwatches listening

Is it Time for the Smartwatches to Start Listening Carefully?

As Apple says, the Apple Watch is definitely the most personal device they’ve manufactured. Still, the tech giants who have immersed themselves in the rise of the smartwatch industry may not have completely acknowledged what being a personal device can mean. Unlike a mobile phone, a smartphone can hear almost the same things what your […]