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Purdue Neurological disorders

Tiny, Remotely Powered Electronic chip provides big improvement to treat neurological disorders

Researchers from the Purdue University have developed an electronic chip that may provide improved support for people affected by brain and central nervous system...
Mediatek helio a22

MediaTek Introduces New Helio A series for Entry-level Handsets, Starting With the A22

MediaTek, a global fabless semiconductor company, has announced its Helio A series, expanding its Helio family of feature-packed and power-efficient chipsets with its new...
Qualcomm chip Wear 2500

New Qualcomm Chip Will Power Smartwatches for Kids

It was two years ago when Qualcomm last introduced a new smartwatch processor. Now, their new chip has been designed for what Qualcomm sees...
Micro molding micro batteries for business

Micro Batteries and Micro Molding Solutions for Your Business

From fitness trackers and smartwatches to AR/VR headsets, designers are continuously searching for innovative methods to reduce system activity and power consumption. At the...