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ams Sensing is life

CES 2019: ams ‘Sensing is Life’ Exhibition will Showcase Ground-Breaking Sensor Solutions

ams AG, a global leading manufacturer of advanced sensor solutions, will showcase several industry-first technologies for the mobile devices, computing, consumer electronics and automotive...
Unity ar ads

Unity Now Serves Mobile Augmented Reality Ads

Game engine Unity’s huge mobile ad platform is now serving Augmented Reality (AR) ads. “Whether you’re an agency or game developer looking for new...
Spotify Wear OS app

Spotify Releases Much Needed Wear OS App Bringing Connect Features and Better Controls

Spotify announced that it’s rolling out a new Wear OS app soon. The standalone Wear OS app is a huge improvement over the previous...
Sprayable antenna

Wearable Spray-On Antenna May Make Future Wearable Devices Ultra Compact

In the near future, you may need to spray an antenna on your clothes for your mobile phone. Researchers at Drexel University’s College of...
Android turns 10

Google’s Android OS Turns 10 Powers 88 Percent of the Smartphones Today

When Google launched its Android OS 10 years ago, Apple's iOS and Nokia's Symbian OS were already dominating the market. So, it took some...
ORII smart ring

ORII Smart Ring Turns Your Finger into Earbuds

ORII is a sleek smart ring that lets you talk via your mobile phone while holding just your finger near your mouth, emulating a...