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Wearable sensors for step count

Commercial Wearable Sensors Provide Accurate Running Data, Says New Study

Running or jogging is a popular form of physical activity all over the world. The advent of wearable technology is helping people perform this type of exercises by providing step count, monitoring heart rate, SpO2 etc. Runners, clinicians and coaches collect in-field data with wearable sensors to improve performance, avoid injury or return to running […]

Best Wearables for Triathletes in 2019

Triathlons have really taken off over the years, making it tougher to train for this multisport race. With the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices and better waterproofing, triathletes can now benefit from various smartwatches and fitness trackers designed specifically for them. Here are 6 such wearables for the triathletes this year. Related CES 2019: These Companies […]