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Sensors to improve baseball

ECU Using Wearable Sensors to Improve Baseball Hitting

It is very hard to master the skills of a baseball swing, as there are numerous mechanical aspects involved. For players, it could take months, years or even decades to master this skill. Players and coaches need to understand the art of proper swing mechanics and practice it over and over to become an accomplished […]
Xenoma motion capturing pants

CES 2019: Xenoma, WearHEALH and DFKI Partnership Create Smart Clothes with Motion Capturing Capability

Xenoma, a Japanese electronics and wearables manufacturer, WearHEALTH, a research group from Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK), and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), have jointly created smart clothes with highly-developed motion capturing technology which brings wearable sensorics close to various applications in sports, health and industry. Related Top 5 Smart Clothes for Workout […]
Holosuit haptic feedback

HoloSuit by Kaaya Tech Features Full Body/Hands Motion Tracker with Haptic Feedback

Kaaya, a new startup has developed a motion capture (MoCap) suit called HoloSuit which not only offers motion capture, but haptic feedback as well. The HoloSuit system includes a jacket with sensors in the arms. The rest of the sensors are fitted in the legs and hips of a pair of pants, and a pair […]