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MovieMask portable cinema

MovieMask Portable Cinema Lets You Enjoy Movies Anytime, Anywhere

MovieMask, developed by a Norwegian startup, is a wearable headset that lets you enjoy movies anytime and anywhere. The company does not want to call it a Virtual Reality headset […]

Alaska Airlines Adds Virtual Reality to In-Flight Entertainment to Make Long Flights More Bearable

(image credits: Quentin Chaumy) Travelling by air may not be pleasant for many people, especially when it’s cramped and crowded. To make the flight more comfortable and entertaining, some airlines […]
3D printing black panther

3D Printing Hits the Big Screen as it Brings Futuristic Wearables to Life in...

Marvel’s latest superhero flick Black Panther made box office history, attracting moviegoers all over the world and bringing in over $1 billion at the global box office. Juicy costume design […]
Movie changes with brain activity

This Interactive Movie Will Change Depending on Your Brain Activity

University of Nottingham has produced a movie where the plot changes depending on the viewer’s brain activity. Project leader Richard Ramchurn, a graduate student at the University of Nottingham, is […]
orange vr

Orange Debuts its VR Experience Platform at the Cannes Film Festival

From 8 to 19 May, Orange lit up the 70th Cannes Film Festival with its VOD Virtual Reality service. As an official partner of the Cannes, Orange made its debut […]