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DropLabs Ep 01 Sound Immersion Footwear

DropLabs’ Sound Immersion Shoes Let You Feel The Sound Through Your Feet

DropLabs’ New Ep 01 Sound Immersion Footwear lets you do more than running. These smart sneakers use stereo haptic feedback to let you feel what you see and hear. Both the new EP 01 Triple Black and the Classic editions contain numerous system upgrades including dynamic tuning settings designed specifically for gaming, music and movies. […]
Music Fingers wearable

Music Fingers Wearable Lets You Make Music With Your Fingertips Even While You’re On...

Music Fingers is a wearable instrument and playful technology that’s designed to create music and to play along just by tapping your fingers. The overwhelmingly positive response during beta tests led to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign this week to bring the playful technology a step closer to widespread availability, the company said. Read […]
Solos AirGo

Solos Launches AirGo – Smartglasses Infused with Wellbeing and Fashion

Solos, a tech start-up spun off from US-based Kopin Corporation, is launching new smartglasses infused with wellbeing tech and fashion. AirGo™ is a smart eyewear with fitness and audio functions, but also a novelty for fashionistas who embrace changing. With a pair of detachable smart temples, it allows you to switch your own frames among […]
LG Meridian Bluetooth Headsets

LG Unveils Three Meridian Backed Bluetooth 5.0 Headsets

Consumer electronics giant LG has launched three new Bluetooth 5.0 headsets with stunning sound performance delivered by built-in Meridian Audio technology. The headsets are available for purchase via LG’s website. Prices and availability will vary by provider and retailer. Read more Dirac Research Enters the Gaming Headset Market With Its Breakthrough 3D Audio Surround Sound […]
Bose frames audio

Bose Frames: Smart sunglasses with Superb Audio

Although initially publicized as audio augmented-reality glasses, Bose’s Frames is a pair of sunglasses that sound “surprisingly good,” according to CNet’s David Carnoy, who gave it a 7.9/10. The sunglasses house speakers in its frame and a microphone near each temple, allowing users to play music and take calls. Read more These Smartglasses Block Out […]
Metronome upgrade

Soundbrenner Gives its Wearable, Vibrating Metronome a Modular Upgrade

Soundbrenner, which made a name for itself with Pulse, has now given its Metronome an update. The wearable offers haptic feedback that can be synced across an entire band to keep everyone on the beat, via feedback that’s around seven times that of a standard smartwatch. Wearers can also tap the screen to create a […]