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Electric stimulation improves memory

Electric Stimulation Improves the Working Memory of Older People

The performance of our working memory deteriorates as we age. As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to form new memories and hold on to them. Now researchers at Boston University have shown that it is possible to improve memory in older folks. They used external electric stimulation to give 70-year-olds the memory abilities […]
Neurotech in wearables

Neurotech: The Next Frontier for Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is continuously evolving. The technology is making a breakthrough in healthcare with integration of AI and Machine learning into wearable devices. The next big wave of innovation is now coming in the form of neurotechnology. This is one form where wearable technology can make a huge leap forward. Related Brain Computer Interface with […]
SeizeIT2 seizure detection

SeizeIT2: Discreet and Clinically Accurate Seizure Detecting Wearable

Approximately 65 million people worldwide are affected by epilepsy. This complex disease has one commonality: seizures. Medical decision to change any prescribed drug is based on the number of seizures. Inaccurate seizure reporting causes challenges in diagnosing and treating people with epilepsy. Related Nightwatch – Wearable Night Time Seizure Detection Device Developed by Dutch Scientists […]
Dopamine detect sensors

University of Central Florida Researchers Developing Sensors to Detect Parkinson’s Disease in Seconds

Dopamine is a chemical that is believed to play a role in various diseases such as Parkinson’s, depression and some cancers. When Parkinson’ disease develops, the cells in the substantia nigra part of the brain begin to die. These cells produce dopamine and the loss of dopamine in the brain leads to issues with movement. […]
Brain computer interface

Brain Computer Interface with Neurofeedback Can Improve Your Performance, Says Columbia Study

When we feel agitated, fearful, or calm, our state of mind can significantly affect our ability to make decisions, judgments, and actions. For example, when walking across a beam, your odds of making across the beam without falling off is dramatically better if the beam is only six inches off the ground. But at 60 […]
Masimo SedLine and O3 regional oximetry

Masimo SedLine in Combination with O3 Regional Oximetry Helps Surgeons Understand Cerebral Desaturations During...

The results of a series of four clinical studies, published in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesiology, showed Masimo SedLine® brain function monitoring, in combination with O3® regional oximetry helped researchers understand and manage cerebral desaturations during cardiac surgery. Related Masimo Receives CE Marking for Next Gen SedLine Brain Function Monitoring for Pediatric Patients “Combining both […]