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Panasonic HDR VR Glasses

Panasonic Unveils the World’s First HDR Capable Virtual Reality Glasses at CES 2020

The future is Virtual Reality (VR) but it lacks a good set of VR glasses. The conventional VR glasses are cumbersome and do not deliver high quality image. Now, Panasonic wants to change all that with its new VR glasses. The company showed off its new HDR-capable VR at the recently concluded CES 2020 in […]
Panasonic Wear Space

Wear Space – A Wearable Concentration Device that Helps You Focus by Providing a...

Wear Space is a wearable concentration device developed by Panasonic‘s Future Life Factory. The device helps you focus by limiting your senses of sight and hearing, via noise-canceling technology and a partition that controls your field of view. Read more Wearable Devices and Mobile Apps Exploring Users’ States of Mind to Tackle Anxiety and Depression […]