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Monash University blood pressure monitor

Monash University Researchers Develop Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

Researchers at Monash University in Australia have developed a revolutionary, wearable blood pressure monitoring device that can continuously monitor blood pressure during a variety of activities including while exercising and during sleep. Read more SunTech and Valencell Partner Up for New Blood Pressure Measurement Solutions Conventionally, blood pressure is measured using a cuff device that […]
MAX86150 biosensor module

Maxim MAX86150: The First Ever Integrated PPG and ECG Biosensor Module for Wearables

Demands for more accurate fitness and cardiac health data are forcing fitness tracker and smartwatch markers to wrestle with complex and costly multi-component solutions. Although these wearable devices eventually deliver higher accuracy, they consume too much power, greater footprint, and take long time to develop. Maxim Integrated, who will be speaking at WT | Wearable […]