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SynPhNe Wearable for rehabilitation

SynPhNe Wearable Trains Brain And Muscle As One System, Helps With Stroke Rehabilitation

SynPhNe, a Singapore-based organization, has developed the world’s first connected wearable solution that trains brain and muscle as one. This innovative technology helps people with physical disabilities resulting from neurological pathologies like stroke and traumatic brain injury, learning disorders, aging problems, chronic stress, and chronic pain. Read more Hong Kong PolyU Develops Robotic Arm to […]
Sensor for stroke

Northwestern Researchers Develop Groundbreaking Wearable that Could Be a Game Changer in Stroke Rehab

Northwestern University researchers have developed a stretchable sensor that offer exciting possibilities in the rehabilitation of stroke patients. The sensors stick directly to the skin, moving with the body and provide detailed health metrics such as heart function, muscle activity and quality of sleep. The stretchable sensors were created in the lab of Northwestern University […]
Wearables for rehab

Innovative Wearables for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Injuries

When we think about wearable technology, we tend to think about fitness trackers and AR headsets, but wearable technology goes well beyond that. In fact, wearable technology is making a huge impact on healthcare industry with devices such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Smart pills, Remote Patient Monitoring etc. Another aspect of healthcare that’s being impacted […]
Wearables physical rehab

Wearables for Physical Activity and Rehab

The increasing popularity of wearable physical activity monitors (WPAMs), better known as fitness trackers, has enabled the integration of technology into physical activity intervention and evaluation. However, according to a study published in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine, wearable technology is not only for sports and fashion enthusiasts, it can also be helpful in monitoring […]