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Isansys the World’s Most Advanced Wireless Patient Monitoring Platform Gets Key US Patent

Isansys Lifecare, a digital healthcare company which has developed the world’s most advanced real-time patient data collection and analysis platform for early detection of...
Flex brighintsight

Flex BrightInsight Clinical Board Focused on Advancing Medical-Grade Digital Health Solutions

Flex, a Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider, has gathered a clinical advisory board to leverage the perspectives of leading doctors for the development of powerful digital...
UbiHealth patient monitoring

UbiHealth Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

UbiHealth, a Lugano, Switzerland-based MedTech startup has launched a new wearable device and software platform for continuous remote patient monitoring. Read more How Mobile Monitoring...
Mobile patient monitoring

How Mobile Monitoring Solutions are Improving Healthcare

Mobile Patient Monitoring or Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) includes daily monitoring devices such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices for patients with diabetes, and...
Philips healthcare military

Philips Healthcare Signs Deal with US Air Force for Remote Patient Monitoring

Philips Healthcare, a global leader in health technology, has announced that it would be entering into a non-exclusive patent licensing agreement with the U.S....
Telemedicine abortions

How Telemedicine Could Benefit America’s Abortion Care

If a woman in a small U.S. town such as Lubbock, Texas wants to have an abortion, she’ll need to travel 308 miles to...