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Buzz to reduce sexual assault

This Ob-Gyn-Designed Wearable May Reduce Campus Sexual Assault

A California ob-gyn has invented a bracelet that may reduce sexual assaults in campus. The bracelet called Buzz is part blood alcohol-monitoring wearable, part...
CommandWear wearable technology

CommandWear Wearable Technology Helps Save Lives While Also Keeping First Responders Safe

CommandWear, a Vancouver-based company develops mobile apps and software for wearable technology to keep first responders safer on the job. The company’s web, wearable...
Children vulnerable to wearables

Children Could Be More Prone to Cyber Crime Because of Wearables

Like any other technology, wearables have both advantages and disadvantages. Smartwatches and Wristbands can keep children safe by allowing them to ask for help...
run angel

Run Angel – Personal Safety Wearable Designed to Keep Women Safe

Run Angel is a personal safety wearable that looks much like a watch. It is a safety aid aimed at keeping joggers, cyclists and...