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Samsung Hand Wash app

Samsung’s New ‘Hand Wash’ App Reminds You To Wash Your Hands During COVID-19

World Health Organization (WHO) encourages everyone to wash their hands everyday to stay safe from coronavirus. Now, Samsung has launched a free app that could help make hand-washing a habit. Samsung said its new Hand Wash app is aimed at helping to improve hygiene as we adapt to life during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more […]
Samsung-Kaiser Permanente Collaboration

Samsung-Kaiser Permanente Collaboration Delivers Improvements in Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

An in-home cardiac rehabilitation program developed in collaboration between Samsung and Kaiser Permanente achieved substantial lower rehospitalization rates according to a study in NEJM Catalyst. Read more Johnson & Johnson Collaborates with Apple to Use its App with Apple Watch in AFib Study Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. […]
MobileHelp Smart Medical Alert

MobileHelp Smart Medical Alert System Protects Users with a Help Button

MobileHelp® launched MobileHelp Smart, a wearable medical alert system through integration with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, augmenting its current offering with additional stylish form factors. Related Wearables to Help the Elderly Stay Healthy and Safe at Home or Outside When a user presses the “Help” button on the MobileHelp Smart interface, the call is […]