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Wearable diagnostic helping healthcare

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Innovative Diagnostic Devices Helping The Healthcare System

The covid-19 pandemic illustrates the importance of medical devices and wearable remote monitoring devices in healthcare. As hospitals were struggling to make space for only the sickest patients, they were simultaneously evaluating the use of new technologies to monitor patients from their homes. Read more Facedrive Launching Pilot Project For Its COVID-19 Contact Tracing Wearable […]
Neura MJFF Shake It UP Parkinsons

NeuRA Researchers Team Up with the Michael J. Fox and Shake It Up Foundations...

In People with Parkinson’s disease, falls are a common event but pose serious health risks. Falls are frequently caused by gait impairments, postural instability and freezing-of-gait, a brief absence of forward momentum of the feet despite the intention to walk. Read more Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Collaboration with Verily Aims to Deepen Understanding of Parkinson’s […]
Smart socks Parkinsons

Sensoria Partners with MJFF for Clinical Trial to Investigate Benefits of Smart Socks for...

Smart sock maker Sensoria has partnered up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) and independent research group Neuroscience Research Australia to launch a 100-patient clinical trial, which will investigate what smart textiles in socks can do for Parkinson’s disease patients. Related Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Collaboration with Verily Aims to Deepen Understanding of Parkinson’s […]
Top 5 smart clothes

Top 5 Smart Clothes for Workout Freaks in the Market Right Now

You can’t discuss wearable tech without mentioning fashion. After smartwatches and fitness trackers, the wearable market is being invaded by smart clothes. They’re at a store near you and all over the web. Big-name brands like Google, Samsung, Hexo Skin, OMSignal, and Under Armour are now thinking of ways to make the clothes on your […]
smart clothes

Smart Clothes Are Available At a Store Near You, Choose the One That Fits...

Smart clothing or E-textiles first appeared in 2015. Companies are slowly adopting this novel concept of connected garments. Smart clothes are more than just gadgets adorning our wrists, ears, faces and feet, they can track our heart, monitor our emotions and even pay for the morning coffee – all with the help of embedded sensors […]