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Nuheara IQStream TV

Nuheara Building Ecosystem for Hearables with its IQStream TV

At the Upcoming CES in January, Nuheara Ltd. will introduce a TV audio streamer for its IQbuds BOOST earbuds, the first accessory in what...
Hearables healthcare

Hearables Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare, Here’s How

Hearables such as smart hearing aids are already making a big impact on the healthcare industry by helping people with poor hearing improve their...
Wearables market growth

Wearables Market to grow to $27 Billion with 137 Million Units Sold in 2022

Sales of smart wearable devices will double by 2022, reaching 233 million units sold and raising market value exceeding $27 billion, according to the...
AirPods 2 Upgrade

AirPods 2 Rumor Suggests Inclusion of Biometrics and Wellness Sensors

Apple AirPods have been consistently generating good revenue for Apple, and although AirPods 2 haven’t yet been officially announced by Apple, Cupertino is rushing...
Emmesphere sound necklace

EMMESPHERE: Fashionable Sound Necklace with Built-In Wireless Headphones

Emmesphere, a Hong Kong-based functional jewelry brand, launched its very first wearable collection, the Emmesphere Sound Necklace.Related J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal...
Signia Styletto

Signia Styletto: High-tech Hearing Aids with Stylish Design

Sivantos has unveiled its latest product Signia Styletto, a hearing aid that looks like a pair of stylish headsets. The brains behind the new...