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Hearables healthcare

Hearables Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare, Here’s How

Hearables such as smart hearing aids are already making a big impact on the healthcare industry by helping people with poor hearing improve their...
Wearables market growth

Wearables Market to grow to $27 Billion with 137 Million Units Sold in 2022

Sales of smart wearable devices will double by 2022, reaching 233 million units sold and raising market value exceeding $27 billion, according to the...
AirPods 2 Upgrade

AirPods 2 Rumor Suggests Inclusion of Biometrics and Wellness Sensors

Apple AirPods have been consistently generating good revenue for Apple, and although AirPods 2 haven’t yet been officially announced by Apple, Cupertino is rushing...
Emmesphere sound necklace

EMMESPHERE: Fashionable Sound Necklace with Built-In Wireless Headphones

Emmesphere, a Hong Kong-based functional jewelry brand, launched its very first wearable collection, the Emmesphere Sound Necklace.Related J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal...
Signia Styletto

Signia Styletto: High-tech Hearing Aids with Stylish Design

Sivantos has unveiled its latest product Signia Styletto, a hearing aid that looks like a pair of stylish headsets. The brains behind the new...
Earin wireless earbuds

Earin Finally Releases its Second-Generation Wireless Earbuds with Google Assistant

Earin, the company which was one of the first startups to ship wireless earbuds back in 2015, is back with its second-gen wireless earbuds...