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Teijin Acquires Elitac

Teijin Acquires Dutch Smart Fabric Startup Elitac to Expand its Total Safety Solutions

Teijin, a Japanese chemical, pharmaceutical and information technology company, acquired 25,000 shares, or 20% of the outstanding shares of Elitac B.V., a Utrecht, Netherlands-based startup that develops textiles and clothing […]
KOB Smart textiles

KOB Manufactures Medical Textiles for Smart Applications in Patient Monitoring and Therapy

Smart textiles are a great choice for making innovative and portable medical products. Their advantage is that close-to-body, textile-based solutions allow constant diagnosis and new forms of treatment. In order […]
Loomia smart clothes

Loomia Uses Blockchain to Make Smart Clothes that Make You Earn Money by Selling...

Loomia, a Brooklyn-based startup wants to change the way smart clothes are made. The 3-year-old startup wants your ankle boots to detect when it’s cold out and heat up to […]
Drug releasing smart fabric

Wearable Medication: Smart Textiles to Release Therapeutic Drugs as Needed

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) are currently working on integrating therapeutic drugs into polymer fibers that can release them into the skin as […]
Washable smart fabric

MIT Researchers Develop Soft Washable Fabrics Embedded with Optoelectronic Diodes

With the growing popularity of smart clothes, many researchers are now trying to enhance the fiber functionality in order to develop more enhanced smart clothes. Optical fibers are usually made […]
Tommy Hilfiger smart clothes

Tommy Hilfiger’s New Line of Smart Clothing Tracks and Rewards You for Wearing It

In this age of connected devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches, why not stay connected with clothing as well? Keeping that in mind, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has […]