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Gerber ideation 2018

Gerber Tech Explores Novel Ways to Create Garments Using Next Generation Technology

Fashion design is becoming tech savvy as more and more designers are moving away from the drawing board and using technology to bring novel products to the market. The notion […]
Inlab design scarves

InLab Design™ Unveils Garments to Keep People Warm

InLab Design, a visionary in lifestyle, health, and wearables, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, unveiling groundbreaking Comfort Touch Series, an apparel collection that combines knitting and heating technology […]
E-TEX Smart fabrics

Electronic Wool May Soon Find Its Way From Wearable Tech to Your Wardrobe

Sensor laden smart shirts have been around for some time. Engineers are integrating circuitry into clothing to produce shirts to keep you cool, to LED-packed dresses. However, they aren’t becoming […]
Smart fabric market growing

Medical Smart Fabric Market Shows Noteworthy Growth by Strong CAGR Up To 2027

The Medical Smart Fabric market all throughout the world is set to experience an astonishing growth by the end of the forecast period of 2018-2027, according to Market Research Future […]
Loomia smart fabric

These Smart Clothes Sell Your Data and Make You Earn Money

LOOMIA, a Brooklyn, NY-based smart-textile startup has developed a material that, when connected to sensors, can heat up and emit light. Loomia envisions that your stylish ankle boots will automatically […]
Smart fabrics making smart clothes

Are Smart Fabrics the Future of Fashion?

High quality fabrics that last a long time are hard to find these day. Many garments only last a few washes. Whether for performance or aesthetic reasons, the focus within […]