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Popular smartwatches 2019

Most Popular Hybrid Smartwatches This Year So Far

Hybrid smartwatches are meant for the people who do not want watch dial displaying various information all the time. Hybrid smartwatches look and act like traditional wristwatches except they have […]
Samsung smart shoes

Samsung Patent Hints at Smart Shoes with Smartphone Connectivity

Samsung has been pretty busy trying to build an ecosystem of connected devices for some time. The company, more recently, has dipped its toes into smart clothing. Related Puma is […]
Omron HeartGuide FDA

Omron’s HeartGuide Blood Pressure Watch Gets FDA Clearance, Will Launch in January

The Omron HeartGuide, a blood pressure monitoring smartwatch has received FDA clearance. The HeartGuide is essentially a blood pressure machine that works just like a full-size machine — a sphygmomanometer. […]
Puma Rs Computer shoe

Puma is Bringing Back its 80s Smart Shoe with Updated Technology

Bavarian shoe maker Puma believes step tracking should be done by something you wear on your feet, and not on your wrist. So, the company is bringing back an 80s […]
Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring: A Stylish Fitness Tracker with New Security Updates

Finding the right fitness tracker might be tricky. It all boils down to how much you expect from your fitness tracker. If you’re a less is more type of guy, […]
Level Smartglasses

These Fashionable Glasses are Actually Smart glasses that Track Your Health

VSP Global, the largest vision healthcare company in the world, with over 88 million members, has developed Level™ smart glasses, featuring activity-tracking technology seamlessly embedded inside the temple of an […]