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Stanford BodyNet flexible sensors

Stanford Scientists Develop Fully Flexible Wireless Sensors for Tracking Health

For monitoring health or conduct studies, flexible body-worn sensors are the best choice for wearable device developers. However, sensors currently available are bulky and require charging. Now, a group of engineers at Stanford have developed highly flexible sticker sensors that don’t have any on-board electronic chips or any other rigid components. These sensors are powered […]
Eccrine sweat sensors

Eccrine Systems Will Expand R&D Capabilities to Accelerate Development of Wearable Sweat Sensors

Eccrine Systems, a pioneer in the field of wearable sweat sensors, is expanding its Research and Development capabilities in Cincinnati. The expansion will speed up development of Eccrine’s groundbreaking technology for use in medicine, industry and sport. The company, with 50 employees, expects to add 50 more over the next 3 years. Related Swedish Scientists […]
Sensor measures biomarkers

Sticker-Like Thin Wearable Sensor Monitor Biomarkers without Needing External Power Source

Soft wearable sensors that intimately adhere to the human body can be successfully used continuously collect vital health data. Scientists have been creating wearable skin-like electronics for several years now. However, powering them in a user-friendly manner is still challenging. Wearable devices that are used for collecting health data require bulky batteries or tethered to […]
Fabric uses body heat

UMass Researchers Develop Inexpensive Method of Using Body Heat to Power Wearables

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts have developed a low-cost fabric that can harvest body heat to power wearables such as fitness trackers. Read more New Wearable Device Harvests Energy from Low-frequency Vibrations Writing in an early online edition of Advanced Materials Technologies, materials chemist Trisha Andrew and her Ph.D. student Linden Allison explain that […]
Sweat blood alcohol

Wearable Sensor Uses Sweat to Check Blood Alcohol Content

The findings of a new study confirm that sweat alcohol levels correlate with blood alcohol levels. For their study, US researchers used a wearable device that stimulates sweat production and measures its ethanol concentration every 25 seconds. In the future, the device could be used to track important analytes like hormones, or pharmaceuticals, to tell […]
Stress Sweat sensor

This Wearable Patch Detects Stress Hormone in Sweat

Stress affects us in numerous ways. Affecting blood pressure and metabolism to immune response and memory, stress can lead to the development of chronic diseases. Researchers are focusing on sweat as a way to detect stress levels. However, wearables that use sweat to detect stress normally track heart rate, temperature, and perspiration levels as markers […]