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KJUS Hydro_bot jacket

KJUS Develops World’s First Sweatless Ski Jacket with HYDRO_BOT Technology

While skiing, perspiration can make you feel uncomfortable and even affect your performance. Now, Swiss sports apparel brand KJUS has decided to solve the problem; they developed the world’s first ski jacket with an electronic, user-controlled membrane that removes sweat. Hydro_Bot, a new revolutionizing technology for moisture management integrated by KJUS into a ski jacket, […]
Sweat based sensor

UT-Dallas Researchers Develop Wearable Sensor That Monitors Sweat for Alcohol And Glucose Levels

For Diabetes patients, traditional method of blood-based-glucose testing requires frequent finger pricking throughout the day, which is not liked by most patients. On the other hand, while blood alcohol content accurately measures a person’s alcohol consumption, it requires lengthy procedures and trained personnel to analyze samples. Now, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas […]
Patch measures cortisol

Stanford Researchers Develop Wearable That Measures Stress Through Sweat

A team of researchers from Stanford University has developed a wearable patch that can measure a person’s cortisol levels from their sweat. Cortisol is a hormone that increases in response to stress. This important biomarker can measure everything from stress to immune function. Read more This Wearable Device Wants You to Sweat So that It […]

This Wearable Device Wants You to Sweat So that It Can Monitor Your Health

Sweatronics is a wearable device developed by Cincinnati-based startup Eccrine Systems that monitors your health using sweat. Biofluids like blood and urine, contain a wealth of information about our health, but they require diuretics or sharp needles to be collected in useful quantities. No sweat, says Sweatronics. The device samples a biofluid that we all […]
wearable sensor

Sweat-Based Wearable Sensor May Soon Replace Blood Tests

Scientists from the UK have developed a non-invasive wearable sensor that can replace blood tests for chronic diseases such as diabetes. The stretchable sensor can measure sweat, doing the same tests that would require blood. The research was conducted by Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) at the University of Glasgow, and the finding was […]