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Bahrain using covid 19 wristbands

Bahrain to Use Electronic Wristbands to Monitor COVID-19 Patients in Quarantine

The Kingdom of Bahrain is using wearable technology to keep track of people with Covid-19 and to ensure their isolation. The Gulf Kingdom said it will use smart wristbands that alert authorities of rogue escapees. Read more Germany’s Public Health Authority Launches Smartwatch App to Monitor Covid-19 Spread “Self-isolating individuals are obliged to wear the […]
Animal wearables

These Wearables for Animals Will Keep Your Pets Happy and Engaged in Social Media

Wearable tech market for humans is growing rapidly, but there’s also a growing market in wearable technology for animals, from trackers and other gadgets. According to a report published in prnewswire, there are currently about 300 companies in the world manufacturing wearables for pets to livestock and wild animals, and the number of manufacturers is […]