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Worlds smallest UV tracker

World’s Smallest Wearable Device Warns of UV Exposure and Helps to Optimize Phototherapy

Scientists from the Northwestern University in Illinois have developed a tiny solar-powered UV sensor that can warn you of UV exposure and can optimize dosing during treatment of skin diseases, neonatal jaundice, seasonal affective disorder and reduce risk of sunburns and skin cancer. Related Researchers Develop Wearable Paper-Based UV Sensors that Warn You When it’s […]
LogicInk tattoo

LogicInk’s Programmable Tattoo Tells You When You’d Had Enough Sun

Last year, LogicInk, a San Francisco, CA-based startup and a pioneer in programmable materials, announced its first product LogicInk UV, a wearable that resembles a temporary tattoo and monitors your UV exposure, signaling when it is time to get out of the sun in order to prevent skin damage. Related L’Oreal’s Batteryless UV Sense Fits […]
UV wearables

Wearables Can Monitor Your UV Exposure, But How Effective Are They?

It is a well-known fact that UV exposure causes skin cancer. Skin Cancer Foundation reports that this menacing condition is on the rise. Can technology help prevent skin cancer? In the past few years, we’ve seen a wave of UV-detection wearables, apps, and stickers designed to alert users to dangerous levels of sun exposure entering […]
Uv ray wearables

Stay Safe in the Sun: Smart Wearables to Monitor UV Radiation

The energy radiated by the sun comes in a wide range of wavelengths, most of which are not visible to our eyes. Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The Earth’s atmosphere prevents most of the Sun’s UV radiation from penetrating through the atmosphere. The small amount that gets through has both positive […]
L’Oreal UV sense

L’Oreal’s Batteryless UV Sense Fits On Your Fingernail

Beauty and makeup company L’Oreal has introduced UV Sense, a new wearable UV sensor that can be stuck on your nail. The batteryless device measures UV exposure, which you can monitor through a companion app on your smartphone running iOS or Android. Although, UV sense is the company’s smallest battery-free wearable, it isn’t L’Oreal’s first […]