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VitalConnect Arrhythmia Detection

VitalConnect Adds Arrhythmia Detection to its Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

VitalConnect, a leader in wearable biosensor technology, announced the introduction of arrhythmia detection to its remote monitoring portfolio. In partnership with CorVitals, Inc., VitalConnect now offers physicians the ability to monitor, diagnose and treat patients suffering from various heart conditions and diseases. Read more VitalConnect Introduces Vista Solution 2.0 to Improve Health Outcomes with Real-Time […]
VitalPatch VistaTablet

VitalConnect’s VitalPatch Biosensor and VistaTablet Provides Continuous Patient Monitoring Anywhere

In the summer of 2018, VitalConnect launched the VistaTablet as an extension to their FDA-approved biosensor, the VitalPatch, which measures eight vital parameters. VitalPatch VitalPatch is a thin, about half as thick as a standard wrist watch, and lightweight wearable patch, meant to be disposable and used for only a five-day stretch. The smart patch […]