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VRHealth AI Luna

VRHealth Unveils VR and AI Therapist to Reduce Hot Flashes from Chemotherapy and Menopause

VRHealth, the healthcare technology company providing specialized virtual reality (VR) technology solutions and data analysis, announced its new Virtual Reality AI (Artificial Intelligence) therapist will be available in January 2019. Luna, the AI therapist uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to ease hot flashes in patients going through menopause or chemotherapy treatment. Related Accenture Develops Virtual […]
NuEyes e2

NuEyes, Pico Interactive Partner Up for Next Gen Wearables for the Visually Impaired

NuEyes, a pioneer in low-vision technology, and Pico Interactive, developer of innovative Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, have joined hands to launch an all-in-one virtual reality device that can re-open the wearer’s eyes to a world they believed forever lost due to failing sight. The pairing of NuEyes’ proprietary software with Pico Interactive’s all-in-one VR headset […]
Awesome gaming wearables

5 Awesome Gaming Wearables to Keep Gamers on the Edge of Their Seats

The wearable industry is dominated by fitness trackers, smartwatches and smartclothes, but there’s also a strong demand for gaming wearables. Handful of companies with headphones and AR/VR headsets doesn’t come close to the demand for Fitbits and Smartwatches. Despite a huge growth in the gaming industry, wearables tailored especially for gamers are still relatively hard […]
Oculus VRhealh pain management

Oculus Partners with VRHealth to Develop Virtual Reality Pain, Anxiety Management Therapies

VRHealth, a Boston-based Israeli health tech company, announced a partnership with Oculus, to bring their newest health and wellness solutions using a range of Oculus products to the healthcare industry. At present, VRHealth uses Oculus Go and Rift to provide Virtual Reality technology solutions for a variety of health issues, from pain management for birthing […]

Alaska Airlines Adds Virtual Reality to In-Flight Entertainment to Make Long Flights More Bearable

(image credits: Quentin Chaumy) Travelling by air may not be pleasant for many people, especially when it’s cramped and crowded. To make the flight more comfortable and entertaining, some airlines are offering Virtual Reality to help passengers escape the pressurized environment inside the cabin. Read more Virtual Reality Help Kids Overcome Fear of Immunization Alaska […]
Fusion robot

Fusion: Backpack-Style Robot Companion Gives Wearer Extra Arms for Collaborative Projects

Engineers at Embodied Media, a Keio University project that aims to create Haptics, VR, Telexistence & Enchanted Things by studying embodied informatics in human interaction, have created Fusion, a wearable robotic backpack with two arms that can help the wearer in collaborative projects. Read more ReWalk Robotics Says Updated U.S. VA Policy Expanded Access to […]