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VR for prostheses

Scientists Use Virtual Reality and Neural Stimulation to Help Amputees Use Their Prostheses

For amputees, who use prostheses, one of the biggest challenges is getting over the feeling that their prosthetic is not part of their body. Yes, the prosthetic is not part of the body, but it’s essential for the amputee to imagine it is if they want to achieve the best results. One specific problem is […]
Spectra7 DreamWeVR

Spectra7 DreamWeVR Chips Support New VirtualLink Standard For Use in Next Wave of VR...

Spectra7 Microsystems Inc., a leading analog semiconductor manufacturer offering wireless infrastructure products for broadband connectivity markets, announced that its DreamWeVR active cable technology is ready to support the new VirtualLink standard for use in next-generation VR cables. Read more Samsung and Apple Reportedly Working on a Wireless AR/VR Headset “We are extremely pleased that our […]
Samsung 4D lunar gravity

Samsung Launches 4D Lunar Gravity VR Experience Developed in Collaboration with NASA

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has launched an immersive 4D lunar gravity virtual reality (VR) experience called A Moon for All Mankind (AMFAM). This consumer-focused VR experience allows users to immerse themselves in a visual and physical VR experience that accurately recreates a fictional Moon mission using their S9+ and Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR. The AMFAM […]
Windows 10 for Oculus rift

Oculus Rift Now Requires Windows 10 For New Features

Windows 10 will soon be replaced with Windows 10 S. But still, it is the most popular OS among PC users and VR headset owners. Read more Augmented Reality and Lifestyle – Technology That Will Blow Your Mind In a recent announcement, Oculus has raised the minimum and recommended spec for Rift devices to Windows […]
Virtual reality help kids immunization

Virtual Reality Help Kids Overcome Fear of Immunization

If you are a parent then you know how difficult it is to get your kid through immunization. While it is frustrating for you, it is scary for your child as well. Children receiving vaccines are exposed to needles on numerous occasions throughout their childhood which leads to needle phobia. Needle phobia and needle anxiety […]
vr headset

Pimax to Ship Pre-production “8K” Virtual Reality Headsets in May

Pimax, the developers of the first “8K” VR headset plan to send the preproduction unit, called M1, to the closed beta testing group of 10 participants this month. If the company receives green light from the testers, it will start the general launch in June for the Kickstarter project backers. The “8K” model will have […]