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Walmart Drone Deliveries

Walmart Begins Testing Drone Deliveries For Groceries, Household Items

Walmart started making its first drone deliveries by launching a small pilot program in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Flytrex, and Israeli startup will operate the drones, which will deliver select grocery and household items, the retailer said. Read more Amazon and Walmart Granted Patents for Novel Uses of Biometric Sensing “Years ago, our founder Sam Walton […]
Amazon Walmart patent

Amazon and Walmart Granted Patents for Novel Uses of Biometric Sensing

Walmart and Amazon have both recently been granted patents for novel uses of biometric sensing. Amazon was granted patent for an Alexa feature that would allow the device to analyze people’s voices for signs of illness and recommend treatment and Amazon competitor Walmart received patent for a connected shopping cart handle that can detect the […]
Walmart flipkart acquisition

Walmart completes Acquisition of India’s Flipkart for $16 Billion

Walmart announced that it has completed a $16 billion investment in Flipkart, a Bengaluru, India-based E-commerce company. Read more Walmart Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Medical Records System The acquisition sees Walmart take a 77 % share in the company, buying out a number of prior investors in the process and expanding its rivalry with Amazon […]
Walmart blockchain

Walmart Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Medical Records System

U.S. retail giant Walmart announced that it has been awarded patent for a system that will store customers’ vital health information on a healthcare blockchain that can be accessed through a wearable device. Walmart patent shows large corporations are seeing the value of medical technology and investing in health IT infrastructure technology. In the system […]
Enterprise and industry disruption

How Enterprises Can Manage the Effect of Digital Disruption

The digitization trend elevates customer expectations across every industry, with businesses progressively impacted by and interconnected with disruptive transformations outside their industry. Digital disruptions are the disruptions to the state of affairs of how a company runs. This can be compared to hitting a pothole while you’re driving. You may have driven through this road […]
Walmart blockchain patient record

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-based System for Accessing Medical Records

According to a recent document, Walmart is seeking to protect a method that allows a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to be obtained from a blockchain-based system even if they aren’t able to communicate. The proposed system would allow first responders on the scene to access the medical records of such non-responsive patients by using […]