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Biosensors measure antibiotics from breath

Biosensors to Measure Antibiotic Levels From Breath Samples

A team of engineers and biotechnologists at the University of Freiburg has for the first time shown that it is possible to determine the...
Sensors printed on skin in room temperature

Engineers Print Wearable Sensors Directly Onto Skin At Room Temperature

Flexible electronics have opened up some interesting possibilities. Wearable sensors, for example, are evolving rapidly. New innovations have taken wearable sensors to another dimension....
Wearable Sensor With Universal Molecular Recognition Capability

Wearable Sensor With Universal Molecular Recognition Capability, Has Potential Use in Precision Medicine

Wearable sensing technology is an essential link in personalized medicine, where researchers must track multiple analytes inside the body simultaneously, to obtain a complete...
Wearable Sensor Measures Itching from Eczema

Wearable Sensor Can Measure Itching From Pediatric Eczema, Adult Itch Symptoms

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a common skin condition affecting about 10 million children in the U.S. It can cause sufferers to...
Wearables powered by mushroom

Future Wearables May Be Powered by Oyster Mushrooms

In the future, wearable sensors like those found in Fitbits and pedometers could be replaced by mushrooms. Read more UC Boulder Scientists Develop Self-Healing Device...
Sensor Collects Data from Tears or Saliva

Wearable Sensor Collects Data from Tears or Saliva to Treat Eye or Mouth Diseases

Researchers at Penn State University have developed a new kind of wearable sensor that would deliver real-time medical data to those with eye or...