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Force touch sensor

Researchers Develop High-performance Flexible Transparent Force Touch Sensor for Wearable Devices

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have produced a high-performance and transparent nanoforce touch sensor by developing a thin, flexible, and transparent hierarchical nanocomposite (HNC) […]
Wearable Smart Stickers

Wearable Smart Stickers May Save Lives of Patients, Athletes and Cut Medical Costs

Heart surgery in itself can be a traumatic experience for patients, and having to continuously monitor your health status without a doctor present when you’re back home can be even […]
Bosch BMA400

Bosch’s Ultra-Low Power Accelerometer BMA400 is Made for Wearable Devices

German Sensor maker Bosch Sensortec has launched its BMA400, an ultra-low power MEMS acceleration sensor for IoT and wearable devices. Its low current consumption, embedded plug-and-play step counting, and activity […]
Wearables to quit smoking

Wearables May Improve Smoking Cessation Treatment Efficiency

In today’s conventional treatments, lack of continuous insight into the patient’s progress, adherence to medications, and relapse rates constitute a big hurdle for success. When it comes to smoking cessation […]
E-TEX Smart fabrics

Electronic Wool May Soon Find Its Way From Wearable Tech to Your Wardrobe

Sensor laden smart shirts have been around for some time. Engineers are integrating circuitry into clothing to produce shirts to keep you cool, to LED-packed dresses. However, they aren’t becoming […]
Stretchable sensors

Stretchable Sensors Will Change the Way Sensors Are Integrated Into Wearables

We humans aren’t rigid like electronic circuitry, therefore manufacturers need to make a sea of change in order to produce wearables that fit us perfectly. Among the several stretchable solutions […]