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Weight loss implantable device

Weight Loss: Researchers Develop Implantable Device that Simulates Food Inside Stomach

At a time when 700 million adults and children worldwide are obese, and clinicians are fighting on the front lines of the obesity epidemic, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison […]
Smart belts

These Fashionable Smart Belts Help You Lead a Healthy Life by Tracking Your Health...

With the increasing popularity of smart clothes, smart belts are now making their way into wearable technology. In addition to enhancing your smart clothes, these belts help you to lose […]
Google coach assistant

Google Coach AI Assistant for Smartwatches May Help You Get in Shape

Google is working on a personal fitness and health assistant called Google Coach that recommends workouts and meal plans, according to a leaked report. Google Coach will do more than […]
Weight loss wearables

Study: Weight loss wearables most effective alongside intradisciplinary approach

A wearable device for losing weight may be helpful in weight loss or weight maintenance, but the best results can be achieved by using the technology as part of an […]
Naked 3d fitness tracker

Naked Labs Raises $14M Investment as It Begins Shipping 3D Body-Scanning Mirror

Naked Labs Inc, a California-based startup specializing on 3D scanning technology, has raised $14 million and has begun shipping its product to pre-order customers. The money was raised in Series […]
Breathe to lose weight

This Wearable Helps You Lose Weight by Analyzing Your Breath

With a vape pen-like look, Lumen, a small wearable device helps you lose weight by analyzing your breath. Lumen is your very own nutritionist who tells you in real time […]