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EmbedTek PariRange social distancing

EmbedTek’s PariRange Wearable Provides Peer-To-Peer Social Distancing And Contact Tracing

EmbedTek, an IoT company specializing in the design and manufacture of embedded computer systems, software, sensors, and integrated displays, announced that it has developed a peer-to-peer social distancing and contact tracking device. The device, called PariRange™, can be used by businesses to support the health and safety of its workforce without the concern for breach […]
Hospitals should be prepared to use 5G

With IoT Making an Impact on Healthcare, Hospitals Need to Be Prepared to Utilize...

IoT or Internet of Things refer to devices that connect to the internet to collect and share data. In healthcare, it could mean wearable wristbands, smart patches or smart clothes. Through these devices a user can self-manage their dietary habits and lifestyle, while doctors can use remote patient monitoring to monitor their patients remotely. More […]